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We have been here longer than any other Dublin bike shop.
We are family owned and run, by cyclists and for cyclists.

MacDonald Cycles was founded in 1922 by Alexander MacDonald.

Our first store opened on Bride Street in Dublin's Liberties in 1922.
Later we moved close by to Aungier Street and then to Wexford Street in the 1950's.

In the early 1980's MacDonald Cycles Ballinteer
was opened at Ballinteer Shopping Centre.

Alec junior began his journey in the world of bikes there.
Alec brought many new ideas to our business and also to Ireland, due in part
to his passion for bikes, motorcycles and the outdoors.

Alec sold the first mountain bikes in Ireland back in the 1980's,
the first BMX bikes, the first LED bike lights by Cateye,
the first Mag wheels and Raleigh's "Rain-check" brake blocks.

We opened our Rathgar store on Orwell Road in 1993.

MacDonald Cycles - Electric Bike Shop Dublin

Photograph by Graham - Flowers by The Flower Bowl, Rathgar.

Alexander was a keen cyclist and rode his bike to work from Dundrum daily, be there hail, rain or snow.

"Looks like a cold one there Alec, better put the kettle on."

MacDonald Cycles Rathgar Snow

Electric Bike Shop Dublin

His sons Kenneth (Ken) and Alexander (Alec) took the reins after their Dad's retirement.

In 2001, Alec sold our first electric bike, long before any other bike store had even heard of an
electric bike, kick starting (pardon the pun), a whole new world of cycling.

Today we are Ireland's longest established bicycle and e-bike shop.

Ken MacDonald,a keen footballer and now golfer, served Dublin's cyclists by repairing hundreds of thousands of bikes,
pumping countless tyres and spreading the love of cycling and Dublin city center wit,
until April 2018 at our landmark store on Wexford Street in Dublin 2.


We moved our all of business to our Rathgar, Dublin south store after Ken's retirement.

Today Alec MacDonald is still flying our flag at our shop in Rathgar.

MacDonald Cycles Rathgar


Bicycles have changed a lot through the years.

Many technological advancements have been made to bikes and accessories since we began our journey,
such as the use of aluminium alloys and carbon fiber for wheels and frames, the invention of
V-brakes and LED lights, to name but a few.

Today we have electric bikes with hydraulic disc brakes and onboard computer systems.

We have kept up with the times.

Our staff have travelled overseas to complete accredited training courses.

Modern bicycles and espcially electric bikes, are complicated machines.
E-bikes have more in common with motorbikes than they do with regular bicycles.

That is why it is essential to place your bike in qualified hands for servicing and repair.


We are Accredited Raleigh , Haibike and Bosch agents.

This means that our mechanics have completed official manufacturers training courses
in electric bike repair and servicing.

We are an Accredited Raleigh Agent & Bosch Accredited Service Centre

Accredited Raleigh Agent
Bosch Accredited Service Centre

After 97 years of serving cyclists we still love what we do.

Thank you to all who have passed through our doors.

Kindest wishes from all of us at MacDonald Cycles.


Visit our bike shop and be a part of Dublin's and our history.

Our store is on Orwell Road, Rathgar, on the southside of Dublin.

We are near Rathgar crossroads.


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